Westmarch Althing and elections 4/30/17

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Westmarch Althing and elections 4/30/17

Postby Collin the Red » Thu Apr 27, 2017 4:48 pm

The Althing items are the following:

Westmarch April Althing Ballot
Item 1: Shall Sylvan Reaches be added as a Sponsored Chapter of Westmarch?

Item 2: Shall the accounts for events be increased to the following level by moving money out of the general fund? Westmarch Wars increase to $1,000, Feast of Mars increase to $2,500, and Darkshore increase to $2,500.
Note: This is an inclusive vote, not each increase voted on separately
No Sumer Election information available at the time of this posting.
Monarchy Votes:
Queen: Bill the Nun

Regent: Kalevra Fallstar

Champion: Fiks

Guild Master of Reeves: Dratz

As I will not be at the park this Sunday due to family obligations, please submit votes to me via PM here or on Facebook (Collin MacAbee)

If the word "not eligible" follows your name, you can not vote this time.
If the words "Expired" AND "Eligible" follow your name, you must pay dues in order to vote.
If "if here eligible" you must attend somewhere in Westmarch this weekend in order to vote.

Persona Dues Paid attendance
Clenawe Dues Paid exp 5/1/17 eligible
Collin MacAbee Dues Paid eligible
Joetator Dues Paid eligible
Kalevra Fallstar Dues Paid eligible
Little Monkey Dues Paid eligible
Ohlanna De Mowbray, Lady Dues Paid exp 5/1/17 eligible
Porkins Dues Paid eligible
Raven Lunatic Dues Paid eligible
Tiberian Alcoste Dues Paid eligible
Torbjorn Kegsleyer Dues Paid eligible

Aelelia Expired 4/18/17 eligible
ArtemisTR expired eligible
Der Viertelmeister expired eligible
Issiacks the Odd expired eligible
Link aka Jewbacca expired eligible
Maul Sablehammer expired eligible
Repo Hopilis expired eligible
Shadobi Kuethes Euricsen Expired 3/6/17 eligible
Sibyl expired eligible
Sir Euric Bloodstone Expired 4/3/17 eligible
Sir Nakita Expired 3/25/17 eligible
Sunbro expired eligible

Elise River-clan Expired 4/23/17 if here eligible

Fallon Darrens expired not eligible
Perralayth W. Greycloud expired not eligible
Po expired not eligible
Theria Celestial Expired 4/23/17 not eligible
Eliana Treeleaf paid DRAGONSPINE not eligible
Ferus Bellua paid DRAGONSPINE not eligible
Terralyn Alcoste under age not eligible
Baron Collin MacAbee current King of Westmarch
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