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Cast your vote for me!

Postby ElSpeth Sharrisselva » Tue May 07, 2019 10:08 pm

A magician with his many scrolls wearing a white linen tunic and sandals comes before you. His pouch is bulging with potions and and canoptic jars awaiting use, as well as, magical tomes. Upon gaining your attention, he pulls forth a scroll of papyrus, unfurls it, and reads the hieroglyphics inscribed upon it aloud:

To the great Barony of Seven Sleeping Dragons (who can go wrong with dragons?):

I am Elspetshepsuth (Sirrah ElSpeth Sharrisselva) of Westmarch. There is no time to speak with you in person , thus I have sent this scroll. I invite you to join in the Fourth Dynasty of Westmarch. (First dynasty is the creation of Amtgard in California; second dynasty is the formation of Westmarch, third dynasty is Westmarch becoming a kingdom.) As your Pharaoh, I pledge to bring you the experience of Ancient Egypt.

I have need of scribes, historians, warriors, and artisans; priests and magicians as well. What profession you take up is your decision. Cast your vote to sit within the shadow of the Sphinx with me. There will be war. There will be competition. There will be trade. There will be gods and creatures of legend to face. Are you with me or against me in the reign to come?
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