Westmarch Coronation November 2019 and Awards

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Westmarch Coronation November 2019 and Awards

Postby ElSpeth Sharrisselva » Mon Nov 04, 2019 9:40 pm

PSA: (Pharoah Service Announcement):
Kingdom Coronation is coming on November 16th. I know a lot of folks don't attend kingdom midreign or coronation unless they're tied to an event. Well, Westmarch has in mind to change all that.

I want to share with you a list of the masterhoods, titles, and paragon being awarded at Westmarch Coronation. There are many other awards also in line but these are the ones which required scrolls or something more than a paper award. If you are one of these people and cannot attend, please IM me privately so I can be sure to get your scroll to you afterwards. It will still be announced at Coronation.

Furthermore, I intend to honor all the scroll makers from this reign so would love to see your face and be able to call you forward at court.

And so, here is the list:

Theria Celestial--Lady
Tiberian Alcoste--Captain (Lord)
52—Lord (possibly has Lord already so that’ll get corrected)
Jace Darkholm--Master dragon
Ohlanna--Master Garber
Fiks--Master Crown
Porkins--Master Crown
Deimos--Master Crown
Azus--Master Crown
Scoot--Master Crown
CJ--Master Crown
Nakita--Master Crown
Euric--Master Crown
Mask--Paragon Assassin

I hope to see you there to celebrate these incredible Westmarch folks. They are who make this kingdom great!
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Re: Westmarch Coronation November 2019 and Awards

Postby Vidya » Mon Nov 04, 2019 9:44 pm

Sounds like a great party!

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