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CoC discussion group

Postby ravenb » Sun Jan 05, 2020 6:36 pm

This will be a thread where the meeting notes from the CoC discussion group are posted. The CoC discussion group is an informal group of interested Amtgard members who have gathered to review and attempt to provide suggestions for formalizing and standardizing the way CoC violations and complaints are submitted, researched, reviewed, and handled. Specific individuals will not be discussed. Events will be discussed only as relevant to going forward to present a fair and standardized way to handle CoC complaints and violations in Westmarch. Anonymity and privacy are one of our priorities.
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Re: CoC discussion group

Postby NoctuaImmortuus » Sun Jan 05, 2020 10:03 pm

Posted to Westmarch Today:

Hello Westmarch! As mentioned in previous posts from Jodi Van Tine, a small group of people from Westmarch have formed a COC Discussion Group. This group will meet monthly and is comprised of the following members:

Lady Raven Lunatic (Jodi Van Tine), Noctua Immortuus (Brandy Lee DeMarco Rodney), Marquis Fenra (Alysia Pozzi), Dame Elspeth Sharrisselva (Kim Richards), Lady Arriana Hale (Victoria Kathleen Frazer), Lady Meyliassa (Sarah Worley)

Our purpose is to discuss ideas on how to make the investigation and consequences for the Amtgard Rules of Play and Corporate Code of Conduct violations more consistent, procedures more clear, and safer for everyone involved.

We met for the first time on 11.24.2019, and we discussed the following:
  • Group Introductions & Why We Want to be Involved
  • Discuss & Agree on our Statement of Purpose
  • Review the Corpora
  • Determine Group Roles & Responsibilities
  • Set Goals for the Group
  • Determine Meeting Cadence and How to Share Information
Our next meeting will be January 5th, 2020. We look forward to sharing with you our progress, topics discussed as well as getting feedback from you prior to making any recommendations to the Corpora Revision Committee.
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COC discussion group meeting Sunday Feb 9, 2020, 6 pm

Postby ravenb » Sun Feb 09, 2020 1:01 pm

COC discussion group meeting meeting agenda
Read and approve January 5 meeting minutes
Old Business
Review and discuss the WM Official Complaint Handbook presented by Downfall
New Business
Review and discuss NDA
set date for next meeting
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Re: CoC discussion group

Postby ravenb » Mon Aug 10, 2020 6:37 am

Greetings members of Westmarch.
The Code of Conduct Discussion Group has created a document, The Code of Conduct Handbook that we hope will provide a resource for both the Monarchy and the Populace concerning Code of Conduct grievances and how they are handled. It provides a guideline for the process by which to file a complaint, how a complaint is recognized and investigated, how a determination is reached and ideas for resolution and terms. We have tried to prioritize fairness and confidentiality.
Our intent was to create a document that would be a supplement to, included in or attached to the Corpora which gives Westmarch a tool that provides an outline and procedures for working through a CoC complaint. We would like to present this to the populace, for constructive comments for 30 days, following which time it would be brought before an althing for formal acceptance.
This is important. Please take the time to read it, think about it, contribute feedback. We want to make Westmarch stronger, and make members feel supported and safe.
Yours in service,
Lady Woman-At-Arms Raven Lunatic Walker-in-the-Middle
Duke Sir Downfall Obsidyn
Lady Page Noctua Immortuus
Frú Squire Ka'a Tul Acklie
Lady Arriana Hale
Marquessa Sirrah ElSpeth Sharrisselva
Marquis Squire Fenra
Baronet 52 etc. King of Westmarch
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