Coronation Awards May 30, 2020

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Coronation Awards May 30, 2020

Postby ElSpeth Sharrisselva » Wed May 27, 2020 4:38 pm

Hear ye! Hear Ye! This Saturday, May 30th, 2020 is the Kingdom of Westmarch Virtual Kingdom Court. These are the awards slated to be given out. Congratulations to all! If you are getting a 10th, title, or masterhood, please attend the zoom meeting so we may recognize you.

Don't forget the virtual cocktail party being hosted by the Westmarch Gentlemans Club afterward.

Clenawe--Marquis--for term as Kingdom PM
Noctua (Brandy)--Lady--For excellence in service of her land, holding offices, serving on committees and B0D, and kingdom involvement on multiple levels
Halavere--Lord--for term as Kingdom Champion
Lothar--paragon druid--
Noctua (Brandy)--paragon color--
Lady Ohlanna De Mowbray--Masterhood Rose--For excellence in service by teaching classes, volunteering, and giving of herself and her time to Westmarch and Amtgard
Squire Fru Ka'a Tul Acklie--Masterhood Garber--For outstanding garbing including teaching others, her crowning piece of her pirate dress at midreign, and knighting tunics/dress
Squire Fru Ka'a Tul Acklie--Masterhood Dragon--For her creative and beautiful scrolls
Squire Fru Ka'a Tul Acklie--10th Rose--For her continued service through AI and moderating Amtgard social media for all of Amtgard.
Baronet Po Kuidore--6th crown order --serving reign kingdom office
Halavere--5th crown order--serving reign kingdom office
Lady Raven Lunatic--8th crown order--stepping up to take over reign kingdom Regent office
Silent Judge--Walker of the Middle--for fair and clear reeving, extensive rulebook knowledge, and impartial treatment of other players
Silent Judge--3rd dragon--for Clenawe's title scroll
Hera Faldare--1st dragon--for Halavere's title scroll
Squire Fru Ka'a Tul Acklie--11th garber--for Azus' kneeling pillow
Lady Ohlanna De Mowbray--11th garber--for Azus' knighting cloak
Halavere--4th smith--for his tourneys earlier this reign
Lady Theria Celestial--3rd dragon--for Ohlanna's masterhood scroll
Squire Fru Ka'a Tul Acklie--7th smith--crafty nights and tunic class
Perralayth Rogest--1st smith--for leather lacing discord class
Perralayth Rogest--5th garber--for healer vest entered in Crown Quals
Roark--9th order of the warrior--fight placement at other kingdoms
Penthesilea--1st Order of the Plague Doctor --For making masks (for free) and sending them out to those in need.
Lady Ohlanna De Mowbray--1st Order of the Plague Doctor--Mask Making
Furious El--1st Order of the Plague Doctor--Making Masks
Wendy (Rangors wench)--1st Order of the Plague Doctor--She's been making masks to donate
TB, Caliban, Lothar, Fenra, Po--flame--Work on the Corpora Revision Committee
Lady Raven Lunatic--9th rose--Creating the CoC Discussion Group
Caliban --Rose--Helped move tables for spring war
Sunbro--Rose--Helped move tables at spring war
Wrex--Rose--Helped moved tables for spring war
Belias nuul Mora--Lord--for service to Belial Peaks, Monarch and consistent service positions
Torbjorn Kegslayer--10th Rose--for consistent service to Westmarch over 18 years at events and land
Lord Dargon Revenskull--7th owl--horn helmet
Lord Dargon Ravenskull--3rd Smith--online live helmet-making classes
Baronet Drenth--4th Dragon--Azus' green and silver knighting chain
Leonard Shadowstrike--5th Rose--Beat the Feast DS fundraiser
Halavere--6th Rose--Discord setup for WM distancing
Perralyth Rogest--4th Rose--volunteering and being of visible service to Amtgard
Perralyth Rogest--3rd Dragon--Azus' knighting gift leatherbound book
Noctua Immortuus--3rd Rose --service to Amtgard, volunteering for service positions in WMBOD and CoC groups, setting up ZOOM meetings and paying for it herself
Lord Harefore--1st Dragon--Azus' knighting chain
Bors Silvertusk--5th Dragon--Azus' knighting chain
Kram--2nd Rose--Quals judging
Slowpoke--3rd Rose --Quals judging
Lute Cauthon--3rd Rose --Quals judging
Lady Theria Celestial--6th Rose--Running Kingdom cultural Quals online
Lady Theria Celestial--4th Dragon--TB's 10th Rose scroll
Lady Ohlanna De Mowbray--9th Dragon--Belias' Lord scroll
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