Raven Lunatic declaration for Westmarch Monarch Summer 2021

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Raven Lunatic declaration for Westmarch Monarch Summer 2021

Postby ravenb » Mon Apr 12, 2021 7:07 pm

I am declaring for Westmarch Monarch for Summer reign 2021. I know not what the future holds, but let’s gather again and remember why we joined Amtgard. I review pictures from events. FOM. Darkshore, Midreigns and Coronations. Park days. Shared feasts. My goal for this reign is to move toward what has fulfilled Westmarch as a Kingdom, as a community, and personally. Back to basics. Park days, attendance, recruiting. It would be nice to have a creative theme, but I think the next six months needs to be about healing and survival.
COVID has created social distancing and isolation, the opposite of what Amtgard’s essence is, a social group. Our common goal and purpose has been to gather together, to join in battlegames, to craft and create, to create a social group that welcomes everyone in an accepting environment. Instead the last 12 + months, we have needed to create that virtually. Many have thrived and stayed connected, many have grieved for the loss of social contact.
I am hoping that with vaccination, and the lifting of COVID restrictions, we will once again be able to gather in person. I miss hugs. I miss smiles (although I have a new appreciation for the sparkle in people’s eyes). How do we do that? Safely. Responsibly. And seriously, we need to have fun again.
It is always exciting for me to see what the new reign theme is going to be. What garb can I make? What battlegame themes will there be? At this time, we need to heal. To return to basics and restore Amtgard in Westmarch to whatever the “new normal” is going to be. We need members. What is it that attracts us to coming out to our parks every weekend? What is it we look forward to? What fills that part of our lives? Let’s work together to just go out to the park, swing some foam. Remember what class we played and why we chose it. If we don’t fight, just vibe. Bring snacks. Sit in a chair and smile at someone. Share our latest crafting project and wow actually be able to touch it! Look for newcomers and share your Amtgard skills with them.
As of this date, California’s COVID restrictions are due to open in June. Barring any unforeseen changes, how do we heal and restore Amtgard in the Kingdom of Westmarch? Our numbers are likely to be so much less than they were before the pandemic. No penalty should occur for circumstances beyond our control. So what should that look like? I will do my best to guide Westmarch from isolation to a community, considering government and local guidelines with our community health and safety paramount.
I have been Monarch and Regent of a Duchy, Regent GMR and Champion of Westmarch. I have been involved with the Westmarch BOD for several years, so I am familiar with many aspects of Westmarch. Please consider me as a candidate for Westmarch Monarch Summer 2021.
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Re: Raven Lunatic declaration for Westmarch Monarch Summer 2

Postby Ubrik » Wed Apr 14, 2021 10:19 am

thank you for posting your bid here, I generally agree that our focus should be on rebuilding and the basics.
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