Ravyn declaration for Regent Summer 2022

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Ravyn declaration for Regent Summer 2022

Postby ravenb » Fri Mar 25, 2022 6:57 pm

Hopefully most of you know me, but let me introduce myself and my declaration for Regent of Westmarch for the Summer 2022 Reign
My name is Ravyn Lunatic, and I have a few titles and accomplishments, but really what you probably what you want to know, is why I want to be Regent and my qualifications!
I would like to hold the position of Regent, because I think the Arts and Sciences of Westmarch is the area with which I am most familiar, the most active, and can offer the most for our Kingdom. I have been Regent of Westmarch twice, and during those reigns I have held Kingdom-level Dragonmaster and Midreign feasts. I have been Regent of Thor’s Refuge as a Duchy, held their Dragonmaster, Midreign and Endreign feasts. At Kingdom level events, I have organized Arts and Sciences classes, for example a discussion of Heraldry, weapon-making, and been Feast-o-crat.
I am hoping that now that we are more open to group events, there will be more opportunities for in-person A&S classes. One of the topics I have been hearing a lot about is judging A&S competitions. What is required to be a judge? What do judges look for in the different categories to assign scores? I would like get one of the local “Masters” in a specific class, to share their knowledge, and then have a discussion on the details judges look at for judging that category. We actually did this once at Mistyvale, collected Knights and Masters and had a really great discussion about what is important in the different categories. I want to encourage more of the populace to participate and ask questions. Want to make stuff and get better? Want to make stuff and get better scores? Want to judge stuff and know what to look for? That will be my theme for this reign, and I will be looking for mentors.
Also, one of the topics will be food. I love food. Let’s talk about food: How do you make a dish and address dietary concerns? For the populace and the judges? For events? What do you consider for food allergies? How do you make a dish safe, for example, a macaroni salad on a hot summer day? What do we look for in presentation at an event or a competition? What do you consider when serving?
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