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Rose wrote:April BOD Minutes
6:05 PM Saturday April 23rd
Attendance & Roll Call
Elected Members Present:
Andy Brown, Jodie Van Tine, Rose Brown
Not present:
Amanda Giles, Brian Andrew, Christian Prouty, Jordan Jameson
Monarchy Members Present:
David Zucker

Review and Approve Previous Meeting Minutes

Motion to approve minutes - motion passes.

2. Contracts: Quixotic Valley

Per Brain Andrew contract has been received and just needs the last 3, which is; The date received, The date signed and the date returned. Looked to see if we had received it and where, did not see it. Jodi Van Tine asked David Zucker where it should be sent when found, he answered to have Brian Andrew send it to the Gmail. The status of the contract is that it just needs to be filed and a copy sent back and then QValley will officially be a land of Westmarch.

Motion to table and have Brian Andrew and David Zucker confirm contract complete at next meeting.

Motion passes.

4. Platform for future BOD meetings.

Motion to table as relevant officers are not present:
Motion seconded, motion passes.

5. Officer insurance:

Amanda Giles sent Jodie Van Tine some information, but didn’t really make progress on this item. Jodie Van Tine brought up that Rose Brown had offered to help, and asked if Rose Brown had heard anything, but she did not.

Motion to table as relevant officers are not present:
Motion seconded, motion passes.

6. Tax Filings

David Zucker said Taxes have been filed and are done for Westmarch for 2022.

Motion to close item:
Motion seconded, motion passes.

7. Amtgard Tithes:
Brian Andrew not present.
David Zucker stated that he went through the official Monarchy forum to see if anything had been posted by Amtgard AI. They started a conversation last year and then dropped it. Brain Andrews was supposed to reach out, but we don’t know if he did or not.

Motion to table:
Motion seconded, Motion passed.

8. Wells Fargo banking Issues:

David Zucker states that Banking issues regarding removing Rob Stark’s name are resolved. The names on Westmarch account are current minus adding Christian Prouty’s name to the account. Robb Stark's name has been removed from the account. Once Christian Prouty’s name is added, we will remove Fix’s. They will probably need to meet in person and hopefully get that done.

Motion to table so that David Zucker and Christian Prouty can meet in person to have her name added.

Motion seconded, Motion passed.

9. Website move:

Amanda Giles and David Zucker were working on the website move. We need a final dump from CA amtgard. David Zucker needs to buzz the person who can do that to see if he can do the dump, otherwise we would lose about 6 months worth of records. Discussed just losing the information, but members did not think it would be a good idea. Westmarch has paid the $20 to keep our domain name.
David Zucker will reach out and hopefully Amanda Giles will be able to make it to the next meeting.

Motion to table:
Motion seconded. Motion passes.

10. Defunct Lands:

Ashen Spire changed to Nymirs Sanctum and Ashen Grove and AS are starting up again. Jodi Van Tine was unable to make progress with Brian Andrew on resolving the Defunct land issue. Jodi Van Tine stated she would Buzz Brian Andrew again and try to make more headway.

Motion to table:
Motion seconded, Motion passes:

11. New Business:

Westmarch process for Obtaining EIN: What is it
The process is to still fill out a form. The form is on the CAAmtgard page. The person submits a request, the board approves, and then they fill out the form. David Zucker, as Prime Minister, would be the contact that would issue the form, currently.

Obtaining EIN for Darkshore:
Darkshore has never needed it before, however the county has changed the requirements for using the site frequently. The event runner has not asked directly. That site has had vendors on site, it’s unknown if they needed a form, but other events Jodi Van Tine crated at didn’t need it. Darkshore is coming up - David Zucker asked if we could preemptively approve in case they need it.

Rose Brown stated that she approves as it is an official event and if anyone should qualify, an official event of Westmarch should qualify. Jodi Van Tine stated that this should be added to the old business for the Agenda.

Motion to approve giving Darkshore the EIN number.
Motion Passes.

11. Next Meeting: Sunday May, 15th at 6:00 PM.

12. Meeting Adjourned at 6:43 PM
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