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Re: Quest as a series of encoutners

Postby hamster_mk_4 » Mon Apr 21, 2014 11:37 am

We played Trolls again last park day with some revisions. We added a hard time limit on the trolls saying they had to kill the humans before sunrise in 10 minutes. After 5 minutes the fire died down so that the trolls were in arm reach of anywhere in the protective circle. Due to terrain restrictions (high probability of loosing an arrow) we forbade archers. To balance the humans winning on time out, we gave the trolls one point of regenerating armor but most of the trolls forgot they had this and took hits normally.

The trolls won both games.
The first game was 3 humans against 5 trolls, humans had 3 healing potions and a resurrect.
The second game was 4 humans against 5 trolls (we had a walk on troll side), humans had 5 healing potions, 2 resurrects, 1 armor mend, and 1 mass resurrect.

The second game lasted until the fire contracted, after which the trolls surrounded the last human who had no place to hide. The lack of an archer and a bit of a skill gap between the human and troll team I believe was responsible for the one sided victories. I would like to keep the game timer maybe even shortening it to 3 minutes for fire shrink and 6 minutes total before sunrise victory condition. The time limit seemed to foster more aggressive play from the troll team.

Also depending on the relative skill levels of the team it might make more sense for the human side to outnumber the trolls. This is counter to the original design of these encounters, which was to give the human side a chance to feel like big damn heroes by defeating against numerically superior opponents.
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