WARM cohort meeting thread

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WARM cohort meeting thread

Postby ravenb » Fri Feb 04, 2022 5:35 pm

Here please find a place that the Westmarch Advertising and Recruiting cohort will post meeting minutes and information about their ongoing efforts to promote Westmarch virtually and in person
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WARM December 2021 meeting minutes

Postby ravenb » Fri Feb 04, 2022 5:37 pm

December meeting minutes
WARM meeting notes 19 December 2021
Facebook post verbiage
Azus financial details
FB launch date and what that looks like
Lands for trial? >2?
WARM name change

From the WARM thread, communication from the Monarch

1. as King I'm not intending on participating in this committee. I think yall are a much bigger help to the kingdom empowered to act separately. 2. Which means you do not need to run messages past me. If there's a contract thing that's a BoD issue. If its money, shoot me a althing item for it. If you are asking me if you can post anything, yes of course that's why I didn't discontinue this committee. I am not that active online, do not let me slow you down. 3. Name, I mean its good but a step different and in the opposite direction than what I was thinking. Westmarch is a Kingdom, we have colleges, circles, guilds. Something in that theme or similar with heralds, senaschals or a like term. This name and group will be in the corpora under article iv section 9, so I hope that gives some context.

Facebook post verbiage: Athena was going to draft an announcement, but is not in attendance. Tabled until next meeting
Brien and Amanda have been meeting and discussing slogans and taglines
Topic tabled until next meeting
Azus financial details: finalizing WF account changes to fund the FB trial. Unable to attend: tabled until next meeting

Launch date: we had discussed a January launch date, with a possible “fitness” aspect. In WARM threads, there is a concern about FB monitoring and a “fitness” mention sending up a flag. Launch date could still be January, but not with this aspect of promotion

CometryLARP: Amanda has been communicating with Dyer Barker, and WM lands are able to register their park. Work on the back end is done. Amanda will make an excel spreadsheet of active lands and their info, and run it by Azus.

WARM name change: tabled, so far, we all like it

NEW BUSINESS: Nymyr’s Sanctum is creating a Meetup page, on a smaller scale, starting the 2nd week in January

NEW BUSINESS: does WM have a YouTube channel, and who does it belong to? Who monitors it?

NEW BUSINESS: should we have a more formal agenda? Stream and/or record our meetings? Questions from the populace at the end with a time limit? Tabled until January

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Re: WARM cohort meeting thread

Postby thistledown » Sat Feb 05, 2022 10:53 am

WM does have a youtube channel. I was added as an admin for the first Regent's meeting, I'm not sure who else is on it.
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Re: WARM cohort meeting thread

Postby ravenb » Mon Mar 28, 2022 7:05 pm

Here is the WM youtube video link for the 27 March WARM meeting

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