Hail Folks.

I come to you to announce that there will be several Fundraisers that will be coming down the pipe for Feast of Odin here in the next few weeks.

First, we will be holding a bake sale! We will have a post with each of the available items, including ingredients, and costs. You can preorder them from our wonderful gate folks prior to the event, and they will be delivered there to you. We will also have a very limited supply available at site for those that were not able to preorder.

Second, we will be doing a special event called “Spill the tea” this will be a special event where Masters and knights will be Serving tea and treats to those that buy tickets to the event. They will be hanging out as well to chat and talk about their journeys and answer any questions you might have. The tea party will be held during lunch on Saturday, and will be $25 per ticket. A Full list of servers will be made available when we start to take orders.

Third, we will be doing an auction for relics and Trainer slots for the field. We are working on several very fun relics that will be available to be used during any class battle over the course of the weekend, as well as we ill be auctioning off 2 of the 6 trainer slots for the Feast of Odin Games.

Keep an eye out for these over the next few weeks, and as always, if you have any questions, dont hesitate to ask.