Feast of Odin 2022

Welcome to the Feast of Odin, Rise of the variants event page. This will be the page for all your up to date info, announcements, links, and other fun activities as it pertains to the event.



Can you hear me!! Oh my gods, I am so glad to see you all. I am Princess Bacchus, and I come to you in a time of Dire need.

The God of trickery, of lies and madness, Loki has destroyed the barriers between Universes. Now, variants of all kinds are pouring into a single universe! they are converging in a place called King city! and I truly beleave that the number of variants will reach a fever pitch on October 6- 10th……..

Please, help me, help my people. We need all the warriors that can assist. I imagine many will be variations of those you may know from from across the multi-verse. I have even heard that I, myself, am a variant of a Dreadlord from your own universe.

Come stand with us, and hopfully we can heal the barriers, and return to our own lives!