Westmarch Winter Midreign 2023

Westmarch Winter Midreign 2023

SATURDAY, MARCH 4, 2023 AT 11 AM – 5 PM

5755 McBryde Ave, Richmond, CA 94805-1148

Hello, Greetings to the populace of Westmarch!

The monarchy team is excited to announce the 2023 Winter Midreign!

Come raise your swords and compete against fighters from across the land in the Weaponmaster Tournament!

Show off the crafts you've been working on all winter and compete in the Dragonmaster Showcase!

Welcome our new Prime Minister and celebrate our Weaponmaster and Dragonmaster winners at court with plenty of food and merriment!

WHEN: March 4th, 2023 from 11am - 5pm
WHERE: Alvarado Park - 5755 NcBryde Ave, Richmond CA 94805
PARKING: Parking is located outside the park on McBryde Ave or Park Ave

11:00am - Dragonmaster Signups and Weaponmaster Sign-ups Open.
11:30am - Warm up ditch by Dagger
12:00am - Sign-ups Close and Weaponmaster Tournament and Dragonmaster judging begins.
4:00pm - Court with Feast - Or when tournament concludes.


The weapon master tournament will follow our standard format, except after the regular events are concluded there is going to be short bracket tournament of militia rules (armor and projectiles) using the V9 playtest. This won't be scored, and is just a chance to highlight the V9 playtest materials at kingdom-level. - For more information, Contact Dagger on the Kingdom Discord!


The Dragonmaster competition will follow the standard format with a few exceptions...

* There will be one bonus category for items following the Dragon Riders reign theme.
* Any literary entries over one page must be submitted to the Regent by March 1st
* Please no alcoholic entries - Public space


Are you interested in volunteering for the event? Contact Lady Regent Alura Crengrove (Amanda Giles) for more information!