Fight Elephant at Wyvern's Spur

Fight Elephant Gift Exchange

Due to expected storms Sunday December 11th in Berkeley, we are rescheduling the Fight elephant quest and gift exchange to January 29th. ~Dratz

December 11th, 2022 at Wyvern's Spur

1201 Euclid Avenue, Berkeley CA

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Schedule of events:

11am - Noon Meet and greet / Ditch / Spar

12:15 - 1:30 Quest (Full class) "Do you want to kill a snowman."

1:45 - 2:30 Annual Snowball tourney

2:45-4:00 Fight elephant gift exchange

4:00 - 5:00 Merriment!



FEGE Rules:

  • Entry into FEGE requires you to bring a gift for the exchange. Gifts value should range between $10 and $25, and be appropriate for anyone age 14-99+, preferably with an Amtgard theme. Gifts should be wrapped or concealed in a bag. Used gear (weapons, armor, garb,...) put into the exchange should be in good condition and clean.
  • To start the FEGE, numbers will be drawn from a hat determining the order people will select gifts from the stash. In order, people will be given the choice of selecting an un-opened gift from the stash, or "attempting" to steal from someone who already has a gift. If a gift is stolen, the person stolen from then gets a new turn immediately.
  • You may never steal back a gift from the person who took it from you. You can reacquire a gift by stealing it from someone else if you get the opportunity.
  • Once a gift has been stolen (or attempted) 3 times, the gift is no longer stealable.
  • Once a person has been stolen from (or attempted) 3 times, the person is no long targetable.
  • If the picker fails to steal 3 times, they have to pick from the unopened stash.
  • Each person can only attempt to steal once from a single person/gift combo, no retries, even if you get a new turn.


  • When there is an attempt to steal, the Stealer gets to pick the choice of competition. ( Amtgard Combat, Throwie & dagger, Or Rock Paper Scissors) All are best 2 of 3.
  • If Amtgard Combat is chosen, Defender gets to pick weapon set. (Single Short, Flo, Sword/Board, Great, or Open) {Tourney Rules}
  • Players can always have a Champion fight for them, assuming they have a volunteer.