Once Upon a Time 2024


Are you ready for the event of a lifetime? Join your fellow crew members in the quest for the ages! Hang out in the tavern and play a few games, or join in on our battlegames. But if you so desire, fully engage yourself in our questline complete with NPCs and dungeons!

Pirates live here peacefully, well as peacefully as pirates can, live in Neverland. But these pesky Lost Bois and that BLASTED Peter Pan along with The Wendy seems to be doing all they can to wreak havoc on this pirate paradise.

You will start your adventure at level one and through procuring currency you may reach level six in time for the final battle of the ages. Quests will vary from finding ancient artifacts to killing quests, Gambling and games, Pirates for hire, try your fortune with the Siren. Interact with the townsfolk. A potion? The Witchdoctor is your next stop.

We can’t wait to see you there…

We present you, Once Upon a Time in Neverland!

Held at Riverview Recreation Park!


Once Upon a Time in Neverland is going to be doing a tiered system for our pre reg this year.
We are in June now!! Kids prices of 15.00. This price is open to kids 8-13, and any age 7 and under are FREE.

Paypal to

October and November will be $60 and you'll recieve 6 in game currency.
December and January will be $65 and you'll recieve 5 in game currency.
February will be $70 and you'll recieve 3 in game currency. This is the final price that will be paid at the gate.


Meal tickets are $20 and are pre-pay only. The cut off is January 15th.