The War of the Darkshore XXIV

The War of the Darkshore XXIV

MAY 18 AT 3 PM – MAY 21 AT 12 PM

San Lorenzo Park, King City, California


Event Information

We're back, and bringing you an amazingly silly event! Join us on our Quest for the Holy Grail (beacon music). As you travel through the lands, you will encounter the Black Knight, the Battle of Badon Hill, the Cave of Carbannog, and something completely different experiencing the Rise of the Dragonriders. And then there's that cute little bunny...
Festivity and silliness will abound: themed Bardics, the Rescue note of Prince Herbert, and much frolicking about.
Feasting will provide delectable sustenance for your travels throughout your journey. Wait, is that hoofbeats I hear? No, I think it might be coconuts, carried great distances by the African Swallow.
Find comfort also in arts and sciences competitions and classes, land court and announcements Friday night, and formal Court, presentations, awards, Coronation and the bringing in the new Monarchy with a celebration of a successful Westmarch reign.